A pioneer in personal and organizational transformation, Sara is the President and Founder of Bevens Institute — a company that helps clients transform the ways they think, work, relate, and lead.

For over 30 years, Sara has studied the nature and potential of human consciousness, and she applies this knowledge to all her consulting engagements, whether providing executive coaching, creating high-performance teams, or achieving breakthrough performance.

Leadership Consciousness©
Her signature body of work, Leadership Consciousness©, helps leaders, through deep self-awareness, come to know, access, and lead from their potential, their greatness, their true nature. Her proprietary transformative process alters thinking, behaviors, and results. Equipped with this life-enhancing mindset, leaders engage in behaviors that contribute to their personal fulfillment, develop more range in their ability to engage and inspire others, and accomplish meaningful outcomes.

Transformational Coaching©
Driven by a mission to help executives and organizations achieve

performance breakthroughs, Sara developed Transformational Coaching©. Bevens Institute’s performance transformation process teaches leaders how to have conversations that tap into the powerful energetic force inside all of us and unleash it toward breakthrough performance—consistently getting levels of performance never previously achieved.

Sara has an extensive background in organizational development, executive and leadership development, and personal and organizational transformation. She previously held senior executive positions with Norwest/ Wells Fargo and American Express Financial Advisors. A highly regarded change agent, she was recognized as one of “Minnesota’s Leading Businesswomen” by Corporate Report Magazine.

Sara earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Columbia College in Columbia, Missouri, and completed master’s level coursework in Industrial Relations at the University of Minnesota.

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